Title Media source       Date
Global Beat Interview KFAI Fresh Air Community Radio 5/23/2012
Interview on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Work Family Radio Network 5/22/2012
Interview on Columbia Free Trade The Rick Smith Show 4/16/2012
Free Trade Deals Do Come With A Cost Star Tribune 2/24/2012
MN Fair Trade Coalition Hires Josh Wise as New Director

Three new trade deals threaten more U.S. jobs

Minn Post, Workday MN, etc.

Minneapolis Labor Review



Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition to celebrate 20 years Workday Minnesota 10/21/2011
Effects of trade deals will linger for years to come, coalition says Workday Minnesota 10/16/2011
Short take: Free-trade debacle Star Tribune 10/15/2011
Minn. delegation split on party lines over free trade agreements Minnesota Public Radio News 10/11/2011
Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition Statement on Trade Policy in the President’s Jobs Speech Asian American Press      9/17/2011
Fair Policies and Fair Trade Products Metro Lutheran      8/24/2011
President’s message on bus tour rings hollow Economy in Crisis      8/17/2011
Obama’s midwest bus tour message backfires The Guardian      8/16/2011
MNFTC Director Jessica Lettween interviewed on radio show The Buy American radio show        8/9/2011
Corporations, unions exert pressure over Korea free trade pact — Labor Council opposes deal, Target and 3M support it American Jobs Alliance      7/27/2011
Free Trade — Ask the Right Questions Institute for America’s Future      7/26/2011
Fixing trade will bring jobs back Rochester Post-Bulletin      7/22/2011
Labor Advocates Rally at Congressman Walz’s Office KAAL TV      7/19/2011
A bad deal Pioneer Press      6/11/2011
Free trade agreements jolt the economy, but not in a good way Star Tribune        6/9/2011
World Fair Trade Day in Minneapolis KSTP      5/13/2011
World Fair Trade Day supports fair trade May 14th KARE 11      5/12/2011
World Fair Trade Day celebration to benefit MN Fair Trade Coalition St. Paul Union Advocate      5/11/2011
MNFTC Director Jessica Lettween interviewed on radio show AM 950 Nancy Nelson Show      4/21/2011
Korea trade agreement follows destructive model Workday Minnesota        3/2/2011
The Korea-US Free Trade Agreement will hurt the economy and lead to outsourcing MN Daily      2/17/2011
Aid to workers hurt by outsourcing to end Workday Minnesota      2/15/2011
Korea free trade pact has few benefits for U.S. Stillwater Gazette        2/2/2011
Assistance will end for workers who lose jobs to trade Workday Minnesota        2/1/2011
Korea trade deal hurts workers St. Cloud Times      1/26/2011
Trade Stories Project Interview with Dwight Ault MN Farmers Union      1/26/2011
(Press Release) Analysis of Government Data Shows 57,000 Minnesota Jobs at Risk Under Proposed Korean Trade Pact Common Dreams.org      1/25/2011
(Press Release) Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition opposes U.S.-South Korea Free Trade Agreement Asian American Press    12/17/2010
U.S.-S. Korea FTA threatens jobs and state sovereignty MinnPost    11/11/2010
Fair Trade Coalition Honors Ellison Workday Minnesota    10/26/2010
It’s all about jobs: Coalition spotlights candidates’ records on trade Workday Minnesota    10/26/2010
MN Fair Trade Coalition celebrates second annual member assembly MN AFL-CIO Blog    10/21/2010
Trade Stories Project interviews Gerardo Cajamarca Minnesota Hands Off Honduras Coalition      9/29/2010
TRADE Act will benefit nation St. Cloud Times      9/29/2010
Fair trade advocates push Obama to renegotiate Korea Free Trade Agreement St. Paul Union Advocate      8/16/2010
Time for the US to Man the Floodgates Economy in Crisis      8/11/2010
Minnesota activists take part in U.S. Social Forum Workday Minnesota        7/7/2010
Broad Minnesota Coalition Urges Backing of Trade Reform Legislation MN AFL-CIO website        6/1/2010
Minnesota Groups Urge Support of TRADE Act Economy in Crisis      5/24/2010
Diverse Minnesota coalition urges fair trade legislation Workday Minnesota      5/23/2010
Time for a trade turnaround St. Paul Union Advocate      2/10/2010
Minnesota Fair Trade Coalition hires new director Workday Minnesota        2/7/2010